"Anyone who loves to sing along to empowering, kick-ass female songs, who wants to take a journey through music, who is looking for music they can truly relate to, All the Love is for you."
- Broke-Ass Stuart(Read More)
"...the singer-songwriter style of Sheryl Crow and Natalie Cole with hints of country [makes] for something that sticks with listeners long after the EP has ceased to spin."
- Neufutur(Read More)
"...a slice of anthemic, lighter-waving Adult Oriented Folk-Rock..."
- Songwriting Magazine(Read More)
"Opening with “All The Love (In The World),” Harper, thanks to the stripped-back instrumentation, allows her impressive vocal to shine while the chorus in particular offers up inspiration and a reminder to all those who listen to it that they are just as important as anyone else..."
- PopWrapped(Read More)
"Through her Carole King-esque vocal quality, Harper sings of love and woe, moving on from a past lover. “Little White Lies” is accompanied by riveting pop strings, caressing Harper’s gentle but confident plea that, “When I tell those little white lies, I lie for you."
- Elmore Magazine(Read More)
"Her new single, "All the Love (In the World)," appears simple and easy-going on the surface but when you dig deeper, there is a richness and complexity that keeps you listening over and over."
- No Depression(Read More)
"Harper’s forthright and honest assuredness is a much-welcome reprieve from the passive-aggression that defines many of today’s pop icons. A positive message delivered without irony, sarcasm or jealous undertones is refreshing to the ears – and the soul."
- More Sugar (p.16)(Read More)
"I just stumbled upon Jennifer Harper’s new single, “All the Love (In the World)”, and I had to share it...sometimes we need a little TLC for the soul."
- Buzzfeed(Read More)
"All the Love introduces listeners to a fresh layer of pop-rock, that is reminiscent of Carole King, Carly Simon and Sheryl Crowe."
- Vents Magazine(Read More)